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Kent Christensen interview at Cisco Live 2019

Achieving network transformation with Insight and Cisco

Security, compliance, multicloud environments, and aging technology are networking challenges — and impetuses for transformation. Insight CDCT Cloud and Virtualization Practice Director Kent Christensen discusses how we help businesses make important advancements with Cisco solutions at the Cisco Live 2019 event in San Diego.

Survey: Cloud Adoption Maturity Assessment

Cloud Adoption Maturity Assessment survey

How does your organization rank in 12 different operational areas associated with the successful integration of cloud-based services? This assessment provides answers.

"Typically, it's a single account with a single password, and there's no accountability." - Mike Sprunger, Senior Manager, Cloud and Network Security

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Why Your Cloud Security Isn't Cutting It and What to Do About It

IT leaders may think cloud security has improved, but research indicates this unfortunately isn’t true. However, there are concrete ways to vitalize cloud security, one being by strengthening the people perimeter. Read the article on PCMag online.

7 Core Practices to Achieve Data Center Modernization

What tactics can help you make progress toward a targeted future state? Hint: Most are not about technology. Read this whitepaper for expert insights about data center modernization, from the field.

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The State of Network Security: 2018 to 2019

The State of Network Security: 2018 to 2019

Nearly half of network security leaders will increase their spend this year — but how should they invest? Forrester Research has released a new report that explores the state of security now and what organizations need to prioritize in the near future.

Workload Transformation Assessment

Understanding your workloads is preliminary to modernization. Gain critical insights into your current workload environment and receive expert, data-driven recommendations on how to achieve a modern architecture in this assessment.

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Card Assets logo on credit cards

Card Assets

Card Assets drives transformation with a new Azure consumption model that is scalable, cost-effective, and built just for them. Read how we helped them move from IaaS to PaaS with full compliance and zero downtime.

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YouTube video: Cloud economics — Justify and plan cloud decisions, better

Cloud economics — Justify and plan cloud decisions, better

Do you have a cloud strategy? If so, is it your strategy at any cost? Almost 4 in 10 IT leaders report being confused or undecided about their cloud strategy according to recent research from IDG, and many more are struggling to manage cloud spend. CDCT Cloud and Virtualization Practice Director Kent Christensen shares expert suggestions for making financially sensible cloud decisions.

IT vs Digital Transformation infographic

Infographic — IT and Digital Transformation

People, process, and technology evolve through IT transformation and digital transformation. But the approach your businesses take matters. Read our new infographic to learn how this process works.

migration services icon

Migration Services

Whether you are migrating to cloud or to a new data center, our extensive experience, proprietary SnapStart discovery tool, and time-tested methodology ensure a seamless migration.

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YouTube video: Why Cloud + Data Center Transformation

Why choose Cloud + Data Center Transformation?

What we bring to the table is undeniably unique. From 30+ years in the data center space to our time-tested approach to workload alignment, our qualities amount to immense value for our clients when modernizing and transforming IT. Several executives explain in this video.

The state of the cloud in 2019 header

Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing

Forrester Research has completed an informative, predictive report on the changes coming to the cloud. Check out their 5 key predictions that enterprises need to be aware of.

5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Journey infographic image

Infographic — 5 Steps to Cloud Success

What does it take to be successful on the cloud journey? Careful planning, for one. This infographic shares recent research and expert tips to help you prepare. From building cloud readiness to designing and testing a cloud model, get a quick and visual roadmap you can follow starting today.

Tech Tuesday YouTube video: Protecting Data in the Cloud with Veritas NetBackup

Tech Tuesday - Protecting Data in the Cloud with Veritas NetBackup

Data protection tops the use case list for cloud. Increasingly, organizations are assessing how to capitalize on the benefits of cloud to modernize data protection. This webinar covers insights and tips regarding protecting data in the cloud with Veritas NetBackup, including:

  • Deploying Veritas NetBackup infrastructure in the cloud
  • Microsoft MSDP vs. Amazon S3/Deep Archive Storage
  • Veritas CloudPoint (snapshot-based backup tool)
  • Tips/Tricks/Lessons learned

Master Your Environment: 6 Key Changes in IT and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

We have identified six major changes in IT today. Each is compelling leaders to drive transformation in order to keep pace. Find out what you need to know in order to maintain a competitive stance.

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Infographic on Network Security

Infographic — Network Security: Run, Secure, and Thrive

Digital transformation enables innovation — but it also brings changes to the network. What do you need to know to modernize and transform IT, including your secure network? Find out with this actionable and statistic-packed infographic.

Bolster security, affordably, with cloud-based SIEM

With New Cloud Services, SIEM Becomes a Reality for Many

Have you been hoping to deploy Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM) technology at your organization for years, but couldn’t because of cost or lack of sufficient infrastructure? Well, your wait might finally be over.

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How could-ready are your application workloads?

Ready or Not, Here Comes Cloud...

Most organizations are in the throes of some form of digital transformation. The common thread among them? Their desire to embrace the better parts of emerging cloud architectures — whether that be in the form of private clouds, public clouds, or a hybrid mix between the two.

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"It's up to leadership to break the model in order to fix it." - Peter Kraatz, National Portfolio Director for Consulting Services

Five Red Flags Your IT Project is Failing

More than half of IT transformation initiatives are stalled or abandoned, as found in a recent IDG survey. This TechBeacon article, featuring commentary from several executives from CDCT and Insight, points out five key ways to identify when projects are going off the rails and offers expert advice for keeping IT transformation on track.

Insight Brings Veeam into OneCall Support, Managed Services Ecosystem

Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation announced the expansion of Insight OneCall support and managed services offerings to include support for the Veeam Software's full portfolio of Cloud Data Management solutions.

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5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Journey

5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Journey

Cloud can offer scalability, automation, easier innovation, and cost savings. But there are many questions to consider in a move to the cloud. Read this guide for a condensed roadmap to help increase your chance of success.

Leading Retail Real Estate Company

Learn how we helped a leading retail real estate company enhance security and secure significant time savings through configuration automation.

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The complete Managed Services guide

The Complete Managed Services Guide

How do you accelerate transformation when your internal IT resources are already at capacity? Managed services is one good answer. Find out how organizations are using managed services to address both day-to-day and transformational business needs in this comprehensive guide.

Infographic on the Challenge of Change: IT in Transition

IDG Survey Infographic — The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition

Quickly digest highlights from the Insight-commissioned IDG Research survey, “The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition.”

10 Rules to Protect Workloads in a Hybrid or Public Cloud

This whitepaper looks at some common mistakes and lessons learned about data protection in a public cloud or hybrid cloud environment. It also offers high-level guidance to better protect your data and applications, especially when they reside in someone else’s cloud.

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IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.