5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Journey

Cloud can offer scalability, automation, easier innovation, and cost savings. But there are many questions to consider in a move to the cloud. Read this guide for a condensed roadmap to help increase your chance of success.

Leading Retail Real Estate Company

Learn how we helped a leading retail real estate company enhance security and secure significant time savings through configuration automation.

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Tech Tuesday - Are You Prepared for NetBackup to the Cloud?

Thinking about sending NetBackup data to the cloud? Veritas NetBackup offers a number of compelling cloud-based data protection benefits, including agility, simplicity, and speed. Watch this webcast to learn tips and best practices for preparing and carrying out cloud-based data protection. Topics include:

  • Why would you send NetBackup data to the cloud?
  • Evaluating datasets for cloud & how Insight can help
  • Options for sending NetBackup data to the cloud: S3 Connector, CloudCatalyst
  • Recovery considerations
  • Best practices

Insight Extends OneCall Support and Managed Services to Commvault

The Commvault platform joins Insight’s Cloud + Data Center Transformation support services lineup that spans the on- and off-premises technology stack, providing one-stop 24/7 monitoring, root cause analysis and problem resolution that reduces the resources IT teams must allocate to manage today’s complex IT environments.

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The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition

What is the state of IT transformation today? See the results of our IDG Research survey, which polled 200 IT leaders on aspects of the transformation journey.

The complete Managed Services guide

How do you accelerate transformation when your internal IT resources are already at capacity? Managed services is one good answer. Find out how organizations are using managed services to address both day-to-day and transformational business needs in this comprehensive guide.

Key Considerations When Migrating Workloads to Public Cloud

Thoughtful preparation prior to public cloud migration can help an IT organization reduce time and cost outlays, and experience better business outcomes. This interactive ebook presents empirical findings, guiding questions, and unique insights to support strategic planning.

IDG Survey — Infographic

Quickly digest highlights from the Insight-commissioned IDG Research survey, “The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition.”

Having IT Transformation Challenges? You’re Not Alone.

The results are in from a recent, Insight-commissioned IDG Research survey of IT leaders. Stakes Rise for IT: The IT Transformation Journey asked participants about their experiences of IT optimization and transformation. The survey also inquired about near-term plans. So, what are IT leaders prioritizing in the coming year? What are the challenges they’re facing? And, how might they tackle them?

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Public Cloud Workload Migration: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Before any workloads are migrated to public cloud, some groundwork is in order. This groundwork will help IT leaders determine which workloads are best suited for public cloud, as well as prepare and execute successful migrations. This white paper looks at both common cloud migration mistakes to avoid as well as the best way to succeed with your organization’s own cloud efforts.

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51% of IT Transformation Initiatives Stalled by Planning, Execution Challenges

More than half of enterprises undertaking IT transformation initiatives have stalled or abandoned select projects while grappling with the complex personnel, process and technology changes required to modernize their IT operations and enhance their ability to support business needs, according to a new IDG Research Services survey commissioned by Insight Enterprises’ Cloud + Data Center Transformation division.

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Why Insight for Your Azure Stack Solution?

Our Azure Stack solutions — from advanced infrastructure to innovative services — enable you to consistently run cloud applications from your data center using an integrated system of software and validated hardware that extends Azure capabilities.

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Tech Tuesday - Veritas NetBackup Secure Communications: Considerations & Tips

Veritas NetBackup, beginning version 8.1, has moved to a secure communications framework for network communication. This ensures that communications “in flight” between multiple NetBackup devices is authenticated and encrypted.

Software-Defined — An introduction

IT groups are facing internal and external pressures to adopt a model for networking and security that is more agile, manageable, and user-centric. In this introductory video, Insight’s practice director of network and integrated security, Rob Parsons, highlights the features, benefits, and use cases of software-defined networking. Lastly, get a quick overview of the value of working with Insight and Cisco, partners for more than 20 years.

10 Rules to Protect Workloads in a Hybrid or Public Cloud

This whitepaper looks at some common mistakes and lessons learned about data protection in a public cloud or hybrid cloud environment. It also offers high-level guidance to better protect your data and applications, especially when they reside in someone else’s cloud.

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