Elevate your cloud journey

You’re tasked with navigating the cloud journey and modernizing IT. How are you achieving these objectives? Studies show that most organizations do not have a documented cloud strategy, which can make challenges more difficult to overcome. Watch this video to learn one proven path to cloud success.

Attn CIOs — Get your seat at the table

There’s a struggle going on at a lot of companies today and it has to do with who’s going to drive the next wave of digital transformation. Will it be the IT organization? The business? Elsewhere? The stakes are high — IDC estimates digital transformation spend will reach ~$2 trillion by 2022 — and it’s time for CIOs to secure their seat at the table, says Cloud + Data Center Transformation SVP and GM Shawn O’Grady. Find out what you need to do to win confidence, secure your leadership, and effectively drive digital transformation.

How to overcome skills gaps

Cloud + Data Center Transformation SVP and GM Shawn O’Grady says that the skills gap is likely going to be the number one challenge for most companies in the foreseeable future due to an aging workforce and less new talent entering IT organizations. Companies can navigate this in a myriad of ways, but any approach needs to prioritize the needs of the business on their digital transformation journey. Learn about one surefire approach in this video.

YouTube video: Should my data be in the cloud?

Should my data be in the cloud?

Data is an extremely valuable asset for modern businesses. Decisions about where data should reside — on premises or in the cloud — as well as how it should be secured, protected, and accessed, should not be made in haste. Not only can missteps impact the bottom line, but a company’s ability to be innovative and drive transformation is at stake. Watch this video with Cloud + Data Center Transformation SVP and GM Shawn O’Grady to learn what it takes to be data-driven.

YouTube video: Hybrid cloud — an IT Transformation accelerator?

Hybrid cloud — an IT Transformation accelerator?

Based on our IDG survey results, the majority of those who have made the most progress in terms of IT transformation are taking a hybrid cloud approach. What does this mean? Why is that the case? Should you rush to adopt a hybrid cloud approach, too? And if so, how do you determine which workloads go to the cloud versus staying on-prem? Cloud + Data Center Transformation SVP and GM Shawn O’Grady addresses your critical questions in this video.

YouTube video: 6 Big Changes in IT — Know them and use them to your advantage

6 Big Changes in IT — Know them and use them to your advantage

Those in the IT industry are feeling the effects of massive changes underway. From the proliferation of hybrid cloud to automation, new technologies and models are forcing us to rethink, redesign, and reorient our strategies. What’s critical to know? How do you make decisions that account for these changes? CDCT Chief Architect Juan Orlandini walks you through each change and offers expert advice in this video.

Advice from an IT transformation expert

CDCT National Portfolio Director – Consulting Services Peter Kraatz has been on both sides — in IT operations and running large IT shops, and providing consulting services to businesses undergoing IT transformation. Here, he advises IT leaders on the one thing they need to do to be successful with IT transformation.

IT transformation vs. digital transformation — what’s the difference?

IT organizations have to keep pace with what the business needs from a transformation standpoint. Otherwise, the business’ ability to innovate is in jeopardy. But what is meant by IT transformation versus digital transformation? How do they differ? How do they complement each other? Shawn O’Grady, SVP and GM of Cloud + Data Center Transformation, explains in this video.

Software-Defined — An introduction

IT groups are facing internal and external pressures to adopt a model for networking and security that is more agile, manageable, and user-centric. In this introductory video, Insight’s practice director of network and integrated security, Rob Parsons, highlights the features, benefits, and use cases of software-defined networking. Lastly, get a quick overview of the value of working with Insight and Cisco, partners for more than 20 years.

Software-Defined — SD-Segmentation

Fighting off threats is increasingly difficult with legacy networking. In this video, Insight Architect Mike Moore shares how Insight and SD-segmentation with software-defined solution, Cisco TrustSec, offer easier policy management, automation, better visibility and control — without needing to redesign the network. Also, find out what implementation might look like, and the value Insight can bring as a Cisco partner of more than 20 years and top 4 national partner.

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