Cybersecurity at a Crossroads:
The Insight 2021 Report

2020 raised cybersecurity stakes and budgets. These resources feature need-to-know data to help IT and security decision-makers create security strategies that can withstand the evolving threatscape.


In 2020, the distributed IT landscape plus the effects of the pandemic forced organizations to react quickly to evolving security needs. Understanding these cybersecurity challenges and the ways IT and security leaders are pivoting to address them is the first step to a stronger path forward.

That's why we commissioned IDG Research Services to survey CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and IT security directors about the challenges they face, steps taken, and progress made. Their answers are presented in the infographic, ebook, full survey results, and blog post below. Just fill out the form for complete access to all four resources.

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3 in 4 IT leaders expressed a lack of confidence in their company's IT security posture
Our survey results indicate that, despite increased investments in cybersecurity in 2020, 78% of respondents lack confidence in their company’s IT security posture and saw room for improvement. Only 22% felt very confident.

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Nine in ten organizations will increase cybersecurity budgets again in 2021.
The high level of concern over the ability to withstand cyberthreats in today’s complex IT environment is causing 91% of organizations to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2021, nearly matching the 96% that boosted IT security spending in 2020.

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68%25 initiated projects to integrate incident response into company-wide business continuity plans.
Our findings showed that 100% of respondents reported that executive teams are now more focused on their organization’s security posture than before. As a result of the increased recognition of cyberattack risks, the majority of organizations initiated projects to integrate cybersecurity efforts business-wide.

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What happens when the IT landscape evolves faster than expected?
In a year characterized by increased cybersecurity budgets and efforts, security leaders still cite low confidence in their overall security postures. The way 2020 played out had a lot to do with this seeming paradox.

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Bolstering security postures is a complex and continual effort. Get the information you need to start strengthening your security posture. Browse our resources today.