Forrester report: Mitigating Ransomware With Zero Trust

Post-attack analysis from two potent strains of ransomware


Forrester writes, “The organizations that suffered the most were primed for devastation not because they ignored compliance requirements or lacked any security tooling in place. They suffered so greatly because they had muddled their solutions and networks into the perfect petri dish for an infection.”1

In fact, the research indicates that, “Those organizations could have limited the attack impact by following the basic tenets of Zero Trust.”1

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We believe you will learn:

  • The importance of preventing ransomware from propagating
  • Strategies for reducing the attack surface of endpoints
  • The role of backup and recovery in ransomware defense
  • The ways microsegmentation protects network assets
  • How to remove blind spots by addressing third-party risk
Mitigating Ransomware With Zero Trust

1 Mitigating Ransomware With Zero Trust, Forrester Research, Inc., June 8, 2020.

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