The State of IT Modernization 2020

We commissioned IDG Research Services to survey CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, and data and digital directors about how they’re progressing with IT modernization. This is what they told us.

IT modernization is gaining traction.

Cloud strategies are shifting. IT operations are being streamlined, automated, and outsourced. IT leaders are embracing emerging technologies and innovation. Knowing where we really are helps us identify where we’re going, and it’s only up from here. 
Two out of three IT decision makers say IT modernization is essential to business transformation
Our survey results indicate that the majority of IT leaders now view their role as foundational in providing the building blocks for business growth and success. The results also tell us that we’ve moved past the era where the “killer app” was everything. Get some perspective from CDCT SVP & GM Shawn O’Grady.
41% of organizations abandoned or delayed IT modernization initiatives in 2019.
Although IT modernization is a priority for most organizations, there are obstacles to overcome. More than four out of 10 organizations have had to pause or walk away from IT modernization initiatives, and in many cases, simply a lack of clear direction is to blame. Learn more with the IDG survey infographic.
Nearly 7 in 10 organizations have experienced higher-than-expected cloud costs
The cloud has played a significant role for organizations as they modernize and transform, but many are paying more for cloud services than they anticipated. Find out the causes behind this, ways to optimize any cloud (cloud-first, hybrid, and/or multicloud) strategy, and much more in the IDG survey ebook.
An average of 95% of organizations leverage a managed service provider for one or more IT functions
Competing priorities and only so many internal resources has made outsourcing critical. Nearly every organization is or has partnered with a managed services provider, and many are planning on expanding their use of external partners to free up resources for bigger projects. See the full survey results.
IT modernization can be complex. Gain a strategic partner to help you find success.