The State of IT Modernization ebook

The 2020 IDG survey ebook

What do the results of the Insight-commissioned IDG survey, “The State of IT Modernization 2020,” mean and why do they matter? Browse this ebook for the top survey findings and expert insights.

Embracing a Multicloud Environment

Important context and considerations for business leaders when a creating sustainable multicloud strategy.

Coming Out on Top: Hybrid Cloud Strategies for Success

Challenging times often tempt businesses to put transformation on hold. Learn how to keep your organization ahead of the curve with a strong hybrid cloud strategy that prioritizes business goals, embraces workload alignment, meets internal needs, and plays to the future.

Pay-As-You-Go On-Premises IT Models

Pay-As-You-Go On-Premises IT Models

As a Service lets businesses consume storage and other resources on-premises, using the pricing structure of public cloud to gain more flexibility and better align costs with actual usage. This ebook provides an overview of the As a Service model, how it compares to other financial models, and offering options.

What Will You Do With All That Data?

What Will You Do With All That Data?

Data is growing continuously and rapidly, as is cloud adoption, making data storage and management an undeniable challenge. While some organizations may be looking to As a Service or other flexible solutions, others are just beginning to grapple with key decisions. This ebook offers expert analysis and critical considerations for modernizing storage strategies in light of new demands.

5 Attributes of a Modern Security Program

Regardless of size or industry, there are five key attributes of any modern security program capable of ensuring protection with intelligence and ease.

The security impact of rapidly enabling a remote workforce

This practical guide walks you through key security considerations to discuss with your team as you work to quickly support your remote workforce.

A navigation guide for Windows/SQL Server 2008 EOS

Operating on unsupported platforms can lead to increased security risks, performance issues, and compliance concerns. Taking proactive steps to transform infrastructure can enhance operations and even drive innovation for enterprises. Learn how to navigate Windows/SQL Server 2008 EOS to your advantage in this guide.

The State of IT Modernization 2020

Complete IDG survey results

Don’t miss a thing. See the entire Insight-commissioned IDG survey results for “The State of IT Modernization 2020.” Includes highlighted findings and compelling graphics.

5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Journey

5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Journey

Cloud can offer scalability, automation, easier innovation, and cost savings. But there are many questions to consider in a move to the cloud. Read this guide for a condensed roadmap to help increase your chance of success.

Infrastructure automation with Ansible Youtube image

Infrastructure automation with Ansible

Learn about use cases for automation and key benefits, from better consistency across environments to auditable and versioned infrastructure. Get an overview of Ansible — how it’s different and what it offers. The second half of this webcast is a live demo of infrastructure automation with Ansible, including its basic functionality and some of the logic that can be put around Ansible and Ansible Tower.

Automation: The Key to a Successful Hybrid Cloud

Overcome the challenges of managing hybrid cloud and maximize potential benefits. Automation is a critical tool from deployment onward — we explain how in this whitepaper.

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Solution Brief - Professional Services: Data Center Solutions graphic

Data Center Professional Services

Whether your operations span multiple clouds, rely on hybrid cloud, or utilize cloud-ready, on-premises IT infrastructure, our data center solutions simplify data center operations, improve service delivery, and enable cloud initiatives.

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SnapStart discovery engine

Learn about the data collection engine and centralized database we developed to scan, locate, and map data center assets 10–20X faster than any other tool in the market.

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Heavy equipment co case study graphic

Heavy equipment company lightens their load with SD-WAN

A world leader in heavy equipment needed a way to integrate newly acquired businesses into the corporate network — without a lot of unnecessary, heavy lifting. See how they achieved rapid integration and long-term cost savings with a customized SD-WAN solution.

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