Tech Tuesday - How to Get More Value Out of Cloud

How to Get More Value Out of Cloud

As organizations look to drive cost out of IT and develop additional capabilities, the question they're all trying to answer is: How Do You Get More Value Out of Cloud? Successful cloud journeys begin with strategy and design that ensures cloud is a viable long-term platform with adequate controls for administration and cost management. What should you plan for in your strategy and design? What steps do successful cloud journeys start with? Join Scott Cameron, Principal Cloud Architect, at Insight for an overview and practical tips on how to maximize the value of cloud. Topics span:

  • Landing zone governance
  • Cost reporting and management
  • Optimizing data movement
  • Leveraging the edge
  • Cloud computing patterns and optimizations
  • Right-sizing, automating, and scaling under-utilized resources
  • Cloud platform decisions and licensing implications

Containers 101 What’s All the Buzz About

Containers 101 What’s All the Buzz About

There is a lot of buzz around containers, a topic that many infrastructure teams are currently assessing. Watch this webcast to gain the basics about containers, including what containers are, where they make sense, and how they can benefit your organization. You’ll also learn about vendor container tools and resources, as well as how to assess offerings and make selections.

Infrastructure automation with Ansible Youtube image

Infrastructure automation with Ansible

Learn about use cases for automation and key benefits, from better consistency across environments to auditable and versioned infrastructure. Get an overview of Ansible — how it’s different and what it offers. The second half of this webcast is a live demo of infrastructure automation with Ansible, including its basic functionality and some of the logic that can be put around Ansible and Ansible Tower.

Veritas NetBackup 8.2

Veritas NetBackup 8.2 - Notable Capabilities and Considerations

Veritas recently released NetBackup 8.2. This release is packed with new features, expanded WebUI capabilities, and further integration with other Veritas products. During this webcast, you’ll learn about notable capabilities and experiences to date. You’ll walk away with tangible considerations and tips for preparing for upgrading to NetBackup 8.2, as well as utilizing the software in your environment.

Protecting Data in the Cloud

Protecting Data in the Cloud with Veritas NetBackup

Data protection tops the use case list for cloud. Increasingly, organizations are assessing how to capitalize on the benefits of cloud to modernize data protection. This webinar covers insights and tips regarding protecting data in the cloud with Veritas NetBackup, including:

  • Deploying Veritas NetBackup infrastructure in the cloud
  • Microsoft MSDP vs. Amazon S3/Deep Archive Storage
  • Veritas CloudPoint (snapshot-based backup tool)
  • Tips/Tricks/Lessons learned

Are You Prepared for NetBackup to the Cloud?

Thinking about sending NetBackup data to the cloud? Veritas NetBackup offers a number of compelling cloud-based data protection benefits, including agility, simplicity, and speed. Watch this webcast to learn tips and best practices for preparing and carrying out cloud-based data protection. Topics include:

  • Why would you send NetBackup data to the cloud?
  • Evaluating datasets for cloud & how Insight can help
  • Options for sending NetBackup data to the cloud: S3 Connector, CloudCatalyst
  • Recovery considerations
  • Best practices

NetBackup Tips and Tricks

As with any powerful tool, knowing a few tips and tricks can help you use NetBackup more effectively. From how to retrieve backups to staying on top of important administrative tasks and upgrades, this webcast will give you the tools you need to succeed.

NetBackup 8.1.2

NetBackup 8.1.2: What’s New? What’s the Impact?

During this webcast, you’ll learn about notable capabilities, changes, as well as experiences to date. You’ll walk away with tangible considerations and tips for preparing for upgrading to NBU 8.1.2, as well as utilizing the software in your environment.

NetBackup Secure Communications

Veritas NetBackup Secure Communications: Considerations & Tips

Join us as we dive into what exactly Veritas NetBackup secure communication is and how it may impact your backup environment. Topics will include:

  • Overview of what Veritas NetBackup secure communications is
  • Problems solved with secure communications
  • Framework for implementation
  • Mid-level dive into managing secure communications
  • Potential impacts on backup environments
  • Troubleshooting secure communication related errors

Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

Hybrid Cloud Data Protection: Considerations & Comparisons

Transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment requires due diligence on a number of fronts, including data protection. During this webcast, you’ll learn about the best practices for assessing your organization’s data protection needs, the challenges and opportunities that hybrid cloud presents, as well how to compare the offerings of vendors. In addition, you’ll hear about lessons learned based on the successes and roadblocks experienced by IT organizations.

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