Next Gen Segmentation: How to use the Network as a Security Platform

Next gen segmentation combines the network visibility from Cisco ISE, the behavioral analysis from Cisco Stealthwatch, and the granular control from Cisco TrustSec to apply sdynamic and scalable role-based access controls on top of the traditional wired and wireless LANs. Using the network as a security platform reduces the amount of security chokepoints and can block potential risks at the source all while enhancing the visibility and context to enterprise endpoints and applications. Rich context awareness will allow organizations to respond to incidents quicker while using less resources. During this webinar, you hear Insight Security Architect Mike Sciacero discuss:

  • Using the network as a security platform with network transformation
  • Comparison of traditional segmentation vs. next gen segmentation
  • Use cases
  • Overview of Cisco TrustSec and Scalable Group Tags
  • Roadmap into SDA and Data Center