YouTube video: Public Cloud: A Pragmatic Approach

Public Cloud: A Pragmatic Approach

The public cloud is a fast-growing market. Yet, our 2017 IDG survey showed IT leaders have mounting concerns with this platform type. Datalink SVP and GM, Shawn O’Grady, discusses how to reconcile and better leverage public cloud benefits.

YouTube video: What is a Workload?

What is a Workload?

We hear and use this term a lot, but what exactly does “workload” mean? And how might it differ from “application?” Shawn O’Grady, Datalink’s SVP and GM, defines and demystifies this piece of IT jargon.

Preparing for the future of healthcare with a future-focused data center

How did one of California’s largest health care delivery systems consolidate six locations across the state for improved operations? See how Datalink partnered with a healthcare system to uncover unknown complexities throughout a data center consolidation for an impactful migration strategy.

What does the business expect from IT?

There’s a huge shift happening from IT supporting the business to IT becoming the business. Hear Datalink’s COO Shawn O’Grady share his take on IT finally moving away from a support organization.

Achieve IT Operational Efficiency with Managed Services

The challenges of today’s IT leaders can be solved. See how you can benefit from offloading processes and services.

How is IT rethinking workloads and platforms?

When it comes to assessing workloads and operating on optimal platforms, Datalink's COO Shawn O’Grady suggests that organizations must broaden their perspective and consider the rapid change in data center technologies.

Increasing operational wins by implementing a client-customized model

See how Datalink reinvented 138 data center locations around the world using customized processes to manage infrastructure and improve service models.

Driving IT Operational Efficiencies for Greater Business Value

With IT leaders focused on supporting their business 24/7, it’s difficult to invest time in new projects and services. Hear Datalink’s Phil O’Konski explain how our comprehensive services free up IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Why do clients need datalink?

Datalink's goal is to help customers figure out the best technology for them, and deploy it successfully. Datalink's COO Shawn O'Grady shares how partnering with an unbiased expert can help in navigating the array of available technology options.

Maximize the Business Value of IT with Datalink

Our flexible operations model allows you to hand off day-to-day management of your infrastructure, specific processes, or entire operations. Hear Datalink’s Phil O’Konski explains the benefits.

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