Webcast: Rapid Deployment of Temporary Hospital Network Solutions

Rapid Deployment of Temporary Hospital Network Solutions

The need for mobile healthcare facilities has never been greater. We are seeing an overwhelming need to support our clients with networking solutions to facilitate the rapid distribution of temporary testing facilities, triage centers and remote hospitals. Join Insight for a webcast to learn:

  • Key factors to consider when selecting a portable wireless networking solution
  • How your organization can rapidly stand up a mobile hospital and/or testing center
  • Overview of Insight’s HIPAA-compliant mobile wireless solution

Ensure Effective Remote Workforce Strategy and  Business Continuity

Ensure Effective Remote Workforce Strategy & Business Continuity

Join Insight Cloud & Data Center Transformation for a webinar where we’ll discuss how to more effectively empower your remote workforce and ensure you are meeting the technology, security and business continuity requirements of your organization.

Developing a Could Governance Model

Developing a Cloud Governance Model

Today’s organizations are moving rapidly to the cloud, and in some cases, it has become the default approach for IT infrastructure. However, in the rush to the cloud, not every organization has done a thorough review of all aspects, often missing out on the importance of a strong cloud governance approach. This webinar will review the key issues in Cloud Governance, and how they should be evaluated. You’ll learn how to put a reference framework and policies in place for effective Cloud Governance as well as how to make effective decisions on setting up and securing cloud environments. For those looking to deploy their first cloud solution or wanting to improve what they already have in place, this webinar will provide critical information.

Build a Migration Roadmap

Build a Migration Roadmap for Windows/SQL Server 2008 End of Support (EOS)

Watch this webinar to understand your migration options available for Windows Server® and SQL Server® 2008. With EOS dates nearing, it’s critical for businesses with these technologies installed to act now in order to maintain regulatory compliance, secure against cyberthreats, and ensure data privacy and protection. It’s also a prime opportunity to consider kick starting modernization initiatives.

Get the Latest Info

Get the Latest Info on How Hyperconverged Fits into Today’s Data Center Strategies

Join us for this webcast where we’ll discuss the emergence of the hyperconverged architecture and its place in data center strategies. We’ll provide an overview of what we’re seeing around the hyperconverged model also discuss Cisco’s recent entrance into this dynamic market.

Learn How to Improve Availability

Learn How to Improve Availability of Critical Business Services

Join us for a recorded webcast where Datalink and ServiceNow will show you how you and your team can: Gain visibility to business services, integrate external monitoring tools to measure business service health, and easily determine root cause when a business service is interrupted.

what you need to know about flash

What You Need to Know About Flash

Learn more about how a Flash storage strategy can impact your business, including the competitive benefits, primary use cases, and potential cost savings.

5 Reasons Self-Service ITaaS Portals Are Failing

This slideshow shares five reasons why many self-service ITaaS portals just aren't working, as identified by Steve Nassif, senior manager of cloud service management, at Datalink.

Streamline Your Path to an IT as a Service Model

Streamline Your Path to an IT as a Service Model by Leveraging Converged Infrastructures

Join Datalink for an overview of how to migrate to an IT as a Service (ITaaS) model and efficiently scale and deliver IT services to your business.

Microsoft Server 2003

Microsoft Server 2003 - End of Support Risks and Migration Considerations

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has recognized the Microsoft’s impending end of support for Windows Server 2003 as a critical threat to security. Learn more about the risks your organization faces.

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