Migrate to the Cloud Securely: 10 Key Factors

Avoid common problems that can derail transformation or modernization projects with these expert-derived best practices for secure and seamless cloud migrations.

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7 Core Practices to Achieve Data Center Modernization

What tactics can help you make progress toward a targeted future state? Hint: Most are not about technology. Read this whitepaper for expert insights about data center modernization, from the field.

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Master Your Environment: 6 Key Changes in IT and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

We have identified six major changes in IT today. Each is compelling leaders to drive transformation in order to keep pace. Find out what you need to know in order to maintain a competitive stance.

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Whitepaper: Network Security: An Essential Element of Digital Transformation

Network Security: An Essential Element of Digital Transformation

When building out a transformation strategy, companies need to take into account critical areas for network security: compliance, cloud readiness, and IT modernization. This whitepaper examines trends such as BYOD and IoT, and the impacts they can have in each of the three key areas. It also offers strategies for succeeding on the transformation journey.

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10 Rules to Protect Workloads in a Hybrid or Public Cloud

This whitepaper looks at some common mistakes and lessons learned about data protection in a public cloud or hybrid cloud environment. It also offers high-level guidance to better protect your data and applications, especially when they reside in someone else’s cloud.

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transforming network security: how to win against cyberthreats graphic

Transforming Network Security: How to Win Against Cyberthreats

Built upon real-world insight from our work with enterprise clients and industry leaders, this paper offers key advice and approaches that can help you win your own long and short game towards better network security.

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Managing the Public Cloud: Who Owns What?

When it comes to management responsibilities of a cloud environment, confusion still reigns at many organizations about the complexities involved. This whitepaper looks at how the roles and responsibilities differ depending on the type of cloud service, and provides guidance as to what organizations should be doing when it comes to management of IT as part of a move to the public cloud.

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workload migration graphic

Public Cloud Workload Migration: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Before any workloads are migrated to public cloud, some groundwork is in order. This groundwork will help IT leaders determine which workloads are best suited for public cloud, as well as prepare and execute successful migrations. This whitepaper looks at both common cloud migration mistakes to avoid as well as the best way to succeed with your organization’s own cloud efforts.

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Moving Workloads to the Public Cloud? Don’t Forget About Security.

Organizations need to have a thorough understanding of the data and applications being moved to the cloud, and of their governance model in place. Lacking these critical pieces of knowledge can result in untentional data disclosure events or other unwanted vulnerabilities in the new environment.

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Healthcare IT Optimization: 6 Mistakes to Avoid Along the Way

Transformation in health IT means consuming IT differently than before. When it’s time for your organization to change, recognize these six common mistakes we see businesses make along the way.

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