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Case study

How did a Fortune 500 global medical device manufacturer actually save millions after acquiring dozens of data centers? 

Business and IT challenges


Client needed to consolidate dozens of data center locations 


Need for a global solution that could be used across all sites in 100 countries
IT operations

Previous efforts with internal staff failed twice


Client needed to reduce costs

group of partners

Lack of resources and internal experience hindered progress

magnifying glass on server

High-impact, high-visibility goal for the company, preferred to work with trusted partners

Our solution: 

  • Global data migration strategy 
  • All-flash arrays on converged infrastructure
  • Migrated 2.6PB of data to a new platform
  • Multiple migration models to address varying amounts of data and bandwidth at different locations around the globe
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Results and impact

  • Saved $200M annually through more effective inventory management
  • Replication will now use 90% less bandwidth
  • Minimized risk and impact on operations through the migration
  • Consolidated 84 company-owned data centers around the globe down to four
  • Overall data reduction of 8:1 across the board in a heavy Oracle EBS environment