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Secure your digital enterprise with next-level organization protection

Your data, networks, IT services, and infrastructure are the lifelines of your organization. That's why we emphasize security in everything we do. Cloud + Data Center Transformation helps you navigate and manage today’s complex IT environment and ensure your investments deliver tangible business results – so you can be confident that your organization is prepared for whatever comes its way.  

Cloud + Data Center Transformation has helped clients identify and minimize potential vulnerabilities, breaches, and threats, while also proactively protecting data and networks for the future.

Reduced recovery issues by 90%25 through a complete backup environment modernization
Cut service providers from 3 to 1
Protected 340TB of data
Reduced weekly Priority 1 events by 93%25
Migrated to SSAE 16-audited and ISO 27001-certified facilities

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Holistic approaches to security

How do you develop and drive a comprehensive security strategy that reliably protects your organization and other parties at risk? CDCT Director of Network and Cloud Security Jason Rader says security isn’t a mac & cheese recipe.

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