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With the rapid growth of applications and constant rate of change, it’s easy for an organization’s application portfolio to become abandoned, obscured, or out of date. Application mapping, replatforming, and migration can help bring clarity and value to an application portfolio, and ensure that it remains a competitive business differentiator. Application development can enhance your portfolio by producing engaging, user-centric experiences for both staff and customers that run on any device.

Our specialized capabilities in application, infrastructure, and data migration help maximize current financial and operational resources across any one or a combination of data center environments: physical, virtual, or cloud. 

Application development

Want to improve the way you deliver products and services, boost customer engagement, and empower your workforce? Together with our sister company, BlueMetal, Cloud + Data Center Transformation can help you increase efficiency, optimize performance, and ensure high availability with comprehensive services for building, integrating, and managing applications and related data.

BlueMetal application deployment services can help you optimize your data center and enhance your operational efficiency. Learn more about this BlueMetal offering.
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Enterprise applications
Our full-stack development teams work with you to build application experiences that improve workforce productivity and increase client retention.
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Mobile apps
We help you build and distribute intuitive mobile apps using the latest native or web standards-based technologies.
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Application integration
Modern applications are built to be connected. We help you create efficiency- and productivity-boosting integrations.
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Data center automation
With deep experience in software engineering, we design applications that bring sustainable automation to your data center.

Application business mapping

Application business mapping (ABM) can help illuminate the dependencies and interconnectedness of an application portfolio. Going beyond simple technical mapping, the ABM process can uncover previously unknown dependencies and how they are affecting the business. For example, it can identify relationships that have the potential to cause significant outages or other issues during a migration. ABM provides a solid foundation for planning, analysis, and communicating value.

Our ABM service and accompanying visualization capabilities provide IT decision-makers with a comprehensive view of the applications they are supporting, their interconnectivity, and how the portfolio is serving their business. It also creates a repository for keeping details of the portfolio current and provides a map generator for producing a visual portfolio representation on demand. The in-depth application map can then be used to plan strategic initiatives, manage the portfolio rework associated with a core system replacement or upgrade (CRM for example), bring new IT staff up to speed efficiently, and more. 

ABM can help an organization:

  • Define relationships between applications and the business functions that use them.
  • Understand upstream and downstream interdependencies.
  • Develop maps that show the relationships of applications to business architecture.
  • Produce a precise current state assessment of the portfolio at a particular point in time.


As you consider future technology platforms for your data center, it becomes critical to perform application portfolio rationalization for certain applications and data. IT must uphold its mission of keeping operations functioning at peak performance, but also continue to deliver applications that can create business value and drive differentiation.  

An inability for your platforms to support current and future workloads can lead to suffering performances. With the help of a replatforming strategy, you can determine whether or not you need to migrate or replatform applications to more agile or economic platforms. Cloud + Data Center Transformation helps organizations explore alternative solutions – and most importantly, what’s best-suited for your workload requirements. In turn, re-platforming can help you to boost performance, elevate productivity, eliminate storage bottlenecks, and streamline IT processes.


Cloud platform availability is driving organizations to re-evaluate existing applications. Certain business requirements can force the consideration of cloud platforms versus traditional private infrastructure. While there is justification for both, data is a critical consideration.

Mergers and acquisitions, continual data growth, and shorter IT lifecycles necessitate the need for technology migrations to maximize operational efficiency while cutting costs. However, moving data, upgrading to newer technologies, or transitioning to a more efficient infrastructure can be a challenge that requires more time and effort than originally anticipated.

We deliver proven data, infrastructure, and application migration services to reduce risks and manage the cost of changing platforms and technology. Using industry-leading migration tools, methods, and resources, we can help you successfully plan and execute the most complex technology migration in the most cost-effective manner, while reducing the risk of data loss and service disruptions.

Our Migration Services can help your business:

  • Migrate quickly and safely to more flexible, efficient platforms
  • Ease the demand on IT resources
  • Leverage best practices and field-proven tools to meet migration requirements
  • Get actionable recommendations for performance and capacity improvements

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IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.