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It may be easy to imagine what modernization and transformation could look like for your business. However, connecting the dots from where you are today and where you want to be isn’t usually so simple. Consulting Services can help you accelerate progress and realize your vision.

Expert guidance is underrated

With the plethora of information available today, any organization could acquire the knowledge necessary to implement changes in their IT environment and operations. The key is making the right changes. If transformation or modernization initiatives aren’t helping the business achieve strategic goals, they may not be the right changes. If new technologies are actually making things more complex, they may not be the right additions. If cloud deployments are incurring costs beyond what was budgeted, they may not be the right platforms.

True expertise is what’s most needed. Organizations benefit from consultants who can:

  • Assess current state and processes based on the latest best practices and years of field experience
  • Recommend appropriate modifications and augmentations
  • Source qualified professionals and technicians who can help execute new strategies
This is what we can offer. As a complete IT services and solution provider, Consulting Services is the crux of what we deliver. For more than 30 years, we’ve advised some of the largest and most innovative firms through key transitions to leverage technology for their unique journeys to success. 

What can CDCT do for your business?

Our leadership describes our approach to consulting and how we help clients modernize and secure critical platforms to transform IT.

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Driving value

Take advantage of our consulting practice — here to help clients cultivate value and achieve results. 
Strategic approach
We initiate projects by first truly understanding your high-level business challenges.
Independent integrator
We recommend the most appropriate solution for your business, no matter the vendor or manufacturer.
Broad and relevant offerings
Capitalize on the breadth of expertise from our diverse, highly skilled team.
Flexible yet measured
We find the most effective solutions through collaboration, creativity, and proven methodologies.
Extensive experience
Rely on consultants who’ve driven major initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and household names.

Our consulting service offerings include:

We help clients increase efficiency, control costs, and develop effective IT strategies that align with their business objectives. Here are some examples of the outcomes our clients have achieved:


Approximately 1 billion cost savings IDed for customers
1,000s of data centers migrated and secured
300+ practice and delivery resources
Approximately 1 million devices discovered, analyzed, and remediated for cloud readiness.
>1 exabyte of data
Millions of workloads migrated

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How to adopt a new multicloud IT strategy

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Cloud Envisioning Workshop

Take the first step in defining or refining your cloud strategy with a customized, collaborative session.

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Our Services Portfolio

Learn the myriad ways we can help your organization modernize and transform.

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IT transformation is a strategic business move. Get the help you need.