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End-to-end consolidation expertise for your data center of the future

As your business grows, expectations from IT grow alongside it. There are a number of business drivers leading to consolidation efforts. From real estate costs and technology innovations to mergers and acquisitions, the decision to consolidate will inevitably lead to cost savings, operational efficiencies, and a more agile data center that’s poised for the future. 

Reduce complexity and experience gains with data center consolidation

Organizations across all industries are rethinking operational priorities, resulting from changing economic trends and new technologies. To support these initiatives – and remain cost-effective and agile in operations – many businesses are choosing to consolidate hardware, platforms, technologies, and data centers.

Using the right methodologies is critical to meet availability, scalability, security, and efficiency standards. Our experts in data center consolidation help you plan, manage, and implement a modernization and consolidation project – whether it involves architecting and deploying a new data center, rearchitecting an existing one, or merging multiple data centers with differing processes, teams, and technologies. And with end-to-end consolidation experience, we’ll also help integrate data and application migration into your process for increased operational cost savings.

We address issues such as real estate and space constraints, as well as new technology-based architecture and platform improvements including:

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In a time where growth is assumed, innovation is essential, and the mantra of “more” is seemingly pervasive, consolidation can be a key tool for capturing differentiated benefits and accelerating transformation. 

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Consolidation can be an overwhelming process. In order to decide how to modernize or consolidate multiple data center infrastructures, organizations must:

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Get a broad view of organizational processes and areas that would benefit from data center consolidation and modernization.
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Review current and future process needs, technology, platforms, and applications. 
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Discuss and review internal departmental and political concerns.
prepare for consolidation
Consider new technologies and trends for data center efficiency and optimization.
refresh your understanding of consolidation
Look at applications, data, and operational processes. 

The experience needed to successfully consolidate a data center is not common, day-to-day knowledge for IT operations teams.

As experts in data center consolidation and migration, Cloud + Data Center Transformation addresses your business challenges and guides you through the entire consolidation process, delivering results that improve service levels, increase internal communication and process consistency, support growth, and reduce risk. Our specialized end-to-end transformation capabilities help reduce IT complexity, improve scalability, and achieve significant efficiency gains across your data center.

Benefits of our Consolidation Services:

  • Comprehensive data center transformation approach
  • Accelerated processes, meaning faster utilization of new locations, infrastructure, and technology
  • Reduced risk and impact to the business during consolidation
  • Thorough data and application capabilities – including upfront discovery and analysis, mapping, and migrations
  • Platform evaluation and alignment during the consolidation process
  • Expert automation and orchestration for reduced complexity and improved speed, agility, and availability  
  • Cost-effective alternative to maintaining several locations

Why Transformation Services?

  • More than 20 PB of data and 250,000 workloads migrated in past 12 months
  • More than 200 data centers moved or consolidated in past 12 months
  • Monitoring data center assets on six continents
IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.