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Improve operational management and efficiency with a new IT service model 

Accelerate operational maturity by leveraging a proven model. Managed Services enables an organization to function with fewer operational burdens, to improve service levels, and to focus on higher level business activities needed to build sustainable advantage. 
Employing a consultative, holistic approach, we often start by asking a number of “big picture” questions: How is the business currently running? What are the business needs and goals? What technologies or platforms could be considered for value-adding potential? And, how would managed IT services be optimally deployed to maximize resources and advance the business?

What we uncover through thoughtful assessment dictates the solutions used, which may include network, compute, storage, backup, security, converged architectures, collaboration, cloud, project and engineering support, and more. The result? Outcomes like improved service levels and reduced costs — meaningful and tangible benefits for your unique enterprise. 

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Can you, and should you, manage it all?
With endless tasks and only so many resources, it’s never been more important to make strategic choices about IT operations and investments. Find out how, why, and when organizations are looking to managed services, plus how one company was able to free up 1,000 IT operational hours in just three months.

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Managed Services include:

Managed Data Center
Managed Data Center
Proactive care for your critical infrastructure

Today’s data centers are often bustling and expansive. Our services, including Managed Backup, are customized for your configuration of systems and technologies. 

Managed Network & Security
Managed Network & Security
The ultimate defense from center to edge

Networking and security are being asked to evolve at light speed to accommodate the aftermath of digital transformation. We help you manage your environment so you can stay focused on strategic development.

Managed Cloud
Managed Cloud
The service suite for your cloud assets

Cloud can support innovation and differentiated business models, but it's critical to optimize cloud costs and utilization. Our cloud services help you achieve your key objectives. Offerings include Insight Cloud Care for Azure, Azure Advisory Services, and Managed Cloud.

  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)
  • Industry cloud
  • Self-service cloud
  • Enhanced cloud


Deliver maximum benefits to your business with Managed Services:

  • Reduce operational burden and free up resources for higher level activities.
  • Improve service levels and user experiences.
  • Get better visibility and feedback to support operational efficiency.
  • Optimize cloud costs and establish governance models that extend to cloud.
  • Maintain control and ownership of architecture and data.
  • Eliminate the learning curve as you address internal staff and skills shortages.
  • Gain flexibility with a customized and scalable solution set of Managed Services.

We are uniquely qualified to deliver this by:

  • Improving service levels through our award-winning OneCall service that solves complex data center issues.
  • Leveraging deep data center operational experience, including managing tens of thousands of assets in nearly 1,000 locations on six different continents.
  • Accelerating operations with automation tools and processes that can reduce operational procedures from hours to minutes.
  • Reducing costs to deliver 24/7 operations, preventing project overruns, and eliminating tool investments.

Download the solution brief to learn more about the features and benefits of our Managed Services.

Success in the real world

The central challenge for IT operations managers today remains balancing “keeping the lights on” with driving business transformation. With a skillful managed services provider supporting you, it becomes much more possible to have it all. Not only does our team help you offload draining, manual taskwork from your IT organization, but we bring a proven methodology and the latest tools to enable new efficiencies, cost savings, and other business benefits you’d be hard-pressed to achieve on your own.
Review four stories of real-world success with Insight’s Managed Services in this case study guide.
Replaced an existing MSP in 6 data centers to better support new back-end infrastructure
Lowered costs by 25%25 and providing better service levels.
Utilized Managed Storage-as-a-Service for per TB pricing to meet short-term high storage demands
Increased services levels through a 24x7 Managed Services team that regularly monitors the environment
Improved monitoring and 24x7 data center incident management to enhance overall service levels

Receive critical, comprehensive information that drives direct business benefits

Get the in-depth knowledge, trending analysis, and detailed diagnostics you need to maximize your IT investments. CDCT Central encompasses managed monitoring for applications, networks, and the cloud, as well as patch and capacity management and StorageScape reporting.

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CDCT central

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Stay focused on what’s most important — your customers — without neglecting the day-to-day IT needs of your business. Hear from our director of Managed Services on how we help clients achieve objectives sustainably.

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IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.