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Boost productivity via managed toolsets

Whether you want to monitor and report on specific devices or your entire IT infrastructure, CDCT Central provides the in-depth knowledge, trending analysis, and detailed diagnostics you need to maximize your IT investments. From workflow integration to incident management, we have a thorough understanding of the latest industry best practices and a proven track record of monitoring, reporting on, and helping customers optimize their environments.


Receive critical, comprehensive information that drives direct business benefits

CDCT Central encompasses cloud monitoring, managed monitoring, application monitoring, patch management, network monitoring, capacity management, and StorageScape reporting. We install, configure, tune, patch, and maintain these tools so you can focus on other crucial business initiatives.

CDCT Central can also ingest events from both manufacturer and client tool sets, transforming alerts through correlation into incidents, automation of operational events, and custom incident escalation to deliver the information to the right engineer at the right time. Cloud + Data Center Transformation builds and maintains this platform, so you can accelerate your operational capabilities through Managed Services and benefit from the following:

  • Immediate and ongoing insight without investing time and money in evaluating, acquiring, training employees on, or maintaining tools
  • Actionable alerts that identify root causes for fast and effective incident resolution
  • A zero person NOC (network operations center) that automates and expedites incident triage and routing, thereby reducing mean time to remediation  
  • Better control of the performance of critical services on which your business relies
  • The freedom to have your staff focus on IT innovation, not incident diagnostics and remediation

Flexible pricing models allow you to purchase only what you need, from day-to-day administration to full system management.

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Client Support Services brief
As a single point of contact for issues spanning multiple vendors, product lines, and solutions, we help maximize your uptime and operational efficiency through our Insight OneCall™ Support Services, Managed Services, and CDCT Central monitoring platform. 

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