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Make technology drive your business success

Innovative companies are embracing technology to empower the business. For established organizations with legacy IT legacy applications, data, and environments, this requires intentional planning to modernize the IT environment. We can help you develop the right roadmap to change. 

How do you create the right environment for data and the evolution to digital transformation?  How does your organization modernize infrastructure or optimize processes? How do you manage IT operations? How will your technology investments drive growth, client experience, and new revenue streams?

The answer is strategy. An effective strategy can clarify both the ideal end state and the approach for execution and alignment — it will set expectations and quantify targeted business outcomes. In this way, progress is measurable, and results are nearly guaranteed. 

Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) can help you define and drive the right strategy for your business. Our work together can include:

  • Determining the right platform for workloads and applications in terms of speed, agility, access, and financial requirements.
  • Eliminating information silos and procedural bottlenecks to enable new capabilities, services, insights, and efficiencies.
  • Modernizing your security environment to safeguard the business, its data, and users from ever-evolving threats. 
  • Developing IT capabilities and operations to meet emerging needs of users or clients. 
  • Devising an effective IT transformation roadmap to help the business become more innovative, scalable, and cost-effective.
Just 25% have achieved initial IT modernization objectives, yet organizations at all stages have seen measurable improvements

The State of IT Modernization 2020

Quality of service, cost efficiency, and customer experience are just three areas of measurable business improvements seen by respondents of the Insight-commissioned IDG survey.

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From workload alignment, purposeful cloud strategies, and flexible, high-performance infrastructures to data protection, service delivery, and IT automation, our expertise produces meaningful results. We enable your organization to be more agile, resilient, and relied upon to deliver critical services for the business.

Address key areas and concerns:

  • Data center and cloud
    • IT environment design, alignment, and optimization
    • Hybrid cloud and multicloud
    • Converged/hyperconverged technologies
    • IT operations 
    • Migration, consolidation, management
  • Data platforms
    • Platform modernization 
    • Data protection and security
    • Backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery
    • AI/ML/GPU opportunities
  • Network and security
    • Operations and controls
    • Compliance, risk, and governance
    • Security in the cloud
    • SD-WAN, SD fabric, and microsegmentation

We bring:

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A versatile and experienced team
For more than 30 years, we’ve helped organizations increase IT agility and achieve business goals. Our clients trust our IT professionals, skilled business strategists, and certified engineers who help bring their vision to life. 
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Capabilities for end-to-end transformation
We take an approach that is data-centric, services-led, and focused on achieving business outcomes, guiding clients through complete IT transformation.
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The expertise you need
Discover a partner with significant depth of capabilities and technical resources, global reach and scale — we expertly assess, modernize, and manage every area of your IT environment and operations.

Make IT serve the business

To have the most impact, your IT strategy should serve the needs of the business. Without this alignment, it is not uncommon for business leaders to look elsewhere — to external partners and unvetted platforms — to fulfill their need for dexterity, speed, security, or others critical to business transformation.

Insight CDCT can help you solidify your strategy, determine how best to actualize it, and provide the expertise, resources, and direction to execute it. Hear from our leadership on what we can offer to businesses like yours.

Cloud with a strategy

Organizations that are finding the most success with the cloud have a clear and documented strategy. This framework helps define intended outcomes from cloud, what combination of cloud and on-premises platforms may be used, how the cloud could be managed, and more. In some cases, it may make sense to craft a cloud strategy alongside a cloud governance model.

By doing so, it’s possible to:

  • Realize low cloud costs
  • Ensure the scalability that’s required
  • Increase flexibility and business agility
  • Adopt cloud-native and agile approaches
  • Maintain a secure and compliant cloud environment
Outside perspective from an expert source can be pivotal. Get help setting or driving your strategy.