Visibility, in a snap

Knowing what you have in your IT estate is crucial when beginning strategic transformation initiatives, consolidating data centers, migrating workloads, or modernizing your data platforms. SnapStart and our expert consultants deliver rapid and accurate insights.

Make better, data-driven decisions

The first step in platform modernization and associated business transformation is to take stock of a complex IT estate spanning cloud, edge, and on- and off-premises data centers. And, yet, it's extremely difficult for most organizations to draw up a comprehensive and up-to-date map of their data center assets.

Existing tools available for IT estate mapping haven't been of much help. They're often restricted to OEM, specific analysis, or single tasks. Similarly, their outputs are incomplete; mere slices of the whole picture.

SnapStart is a proprietary discovery engine developed by Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) to support the work of our consultants during IT discovery services engagements. Scan, locate, and map all IT assets in days or weeks, as opposed to months or even years. Walk away with an all-inclusive inventory and insights from our consultants that enable you to make informed  decisions as part of your IT transformation journey. 

SnapStart discovery engine

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Key features and benefits

Made for discovery
  • Fast: Scans 10–20X faster than any other tool
  • Efficient: Simple commands, small footprint, runs from a laptop or VM
  • Flexible: New feature requests can be added at any time, even during delivery
  • Localized: Data remains completely on-site — no off-siting required
Extensible and scalable
  • Feeds directly into other Insight tools and processes, such as workload alignment and migration services
  • Imports/exports data directly to/from existing and third-party tools
  • Network traffic and CPU demand remain constant whether you have 50 servers or 50,000 servers

  • Available with CDCT discovery services, with no licensing fees
  • Easy to install and run
  • Operated by skilled consultants with deep experience
Extremely thorough
Extremely thorough
  • Identify all IT assets in production and those not in use
  • View all servers, including those needing remediation
  • View application dependencies, counts, requirements, and criticality
Cloud ready
Cloud ready
  • Provides reports that document “cloud ready” applications
  • Shows totals of Platform as a Service (PaaS) candidates
  • Offers information useful in driving a cloud strategy

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