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Modern, dynamic IT environments need to be able to scale faster than ever. IT automation is vital to making this a reality. We help you go from point A to point Z, faster and with fewer manual processes, with IT process and infrastructure automation support.

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From the supply chain to security patching, automation can deliver value across a wide variety of business areas and functions. IT processes can be automated and orchestrated for labor efficiencies and cost savings. Hybrid cloud deployment automation can eliminate technology silos and improve integration. Artificial Intelligence (AI) paired with automation is one basic recipe for innovation. Automated tasks may also be coordinated into a cohesive process or workflow for IT and the business using orchestration.

Although most organizations are either using automation to some extent or planning to automate aspects of their operations, few are reaping its benefits yet. There is a window of opportunity, here, to make use of automation to gain a competitive advantage and further the transformation journey. Will you take it?

Automation: The Key to a Successful Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud lets organizations modernize at their own pace, but maximizing its value requires strategic efforts — and automation. Learn why and where automation can make a sizable impact.

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How we help

Automation requires competence and skill to translate IT behaviors into the right tactical approach. We are not a technology vendor nor a point-solution manufacturer. As business consultants and IT experts, we work closely with client organizations like yours to identify pain points, develop a strategy, find appropriate and cost-effective solutions, and implement them in your environment. We carry thousands of certifications with all major technology vendors, which means no matter what solution we recommend, we have the expertise to help you maximize its value for your business.

Get support with automation in key areas:

  • Hybrid cloud deployment, configuration, management, and brokering
  • DevOps model implementation or realignment, including Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Application deployment
  • Configuration management implementation
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure deployment and integration
  • Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)
  • IT process/runbook design and optimization
  • Multicloud and multiplatform resource management
  • Security deployments and Security Operations Center (SOC) management
  • Scalability and rapid IT changes in response to business demands 

Automation with DevOps

Get practical suggestions and learn about the best use cases for automation with DevOps. This webcast hosted by Insight CDCT experts provides an overview of Ansible’s functionality and logic, including a live demo of infrastructure automation using Ansible.

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Top challenges with DevOps and Agile

New models exist to vastly accelerate application delivery, but they are not fail-safe. Find out how to ensure success.

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The Complete Guide to Modern IT Operations

Automation is just one tactic of modern IT operations — a model that enables developer-friendly IT environments and better balance between innovation and governance.

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