Hybrid cloud

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Cloud plays a key role in a comprehensive strategy and can accelerate your transformation journey. This requires careful consideration. Which workloads will thrive on public cloud, and which ones won’t? How will moves be executed? How will data be managed and secured? We help you make the right choices that are specific to your business requirements — and support a long-term strategy.

Why cloud?

Cloud options are pervasive, ranging from software to platform to Infrastructure as a Service. Its popularity is equally ubiquitous. And yet, cloud has core features that make it attractive for several reasons. 

  • Agility — The capacity-on-demand nature of the public cloud allows for easier and less capital-intensive resource adjustments.
  • Stability — Public cloud solutions are continually tested, enhanced, monitored, and supported by providers to maximize reliability and uptime. 
  • Self-service — Organizations have more authority, autonomy, and flexibility, allowing them to initiate changes and steer optimization efforts.

Coming Out on Top: Hybrid Cloud Strategies for Success

Hybrid cloud can deliver powerful support for your critical priorities when planned and executed correctly. Learn how to approach your hybrid cloud strategy to help drive continuity, cost optimization, and continued innovation for your organization.

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Cloud strategy
Cloud strategy
  • Cloud readiness and cloud envisioning
  • Transformation roadmap
  • Application modernization
  • Cloud financial models
Forward arrow for Architecture & Design
Architecture & design
  • Hybrid cloud architecture
  • Workload alignment
  • Hybrid network
  • Hybrid data protection
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery
Governance building
Governance & operations
  • Security and risk management
  • Cloud operations
  • Identity and access management
  • Replatform
  • Managed services
  • Service catalog
  • Workload migration
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Data platform modernization
  • Data services and AI
Cost optimization
Cost optimization
  • Utilization remediation
  • Elastic design approaches
  • App rationalization
  • Policies and governance
  • Consumption planning
  • Contract evaluation

Hybrid cloud drives transformation

With businesses seeking the right blend of flexibility, security, cost control, and agility, hybrid cloud has emerged as a popular cloud deployment model. It serves as both a final destination for organizations needing to maintain on-premises infrastructure, and as a pathway to cloud-first for those looking to make a gradual transition.

No matter what your business needs, the right hybrid model is fast to implement, customizable, and cost-effective — and we can help you define and realize it to suit workload, IT, and business requirements. This includes devising a detailed plan that is communicated to all stakeholders and built to achieve specific business outcomes.

Transformation pie chart

Hybrid cloud drives transformation

With hybrid cloud emerging as the most popular cloud deployment model, it is also proving to be the most effective in advancing enterprise transformation initiatives, according to a recent Insight-commissioned IDG Research survey of 200 IT executives. See the results here.

In fact, 63% of the survey respondents who reported the most progress in IT modernization use a hybrid cloud approach. Hybrid models are usually faster to implement, more customizable, and often more sensible than cloud-only models that would require a complete overhaul of any legacy infrastructure.

We help clients strategize and implement the right hybrid cloud model to suit workload, IT, and business requirements. This includes devising a detailed plan that is communicated to all stakeholders and built to achieve specific business outcomes.

Results delivered for our clients

Complete Azure architecture and migration
Enabled $10M in cost savings
Defined governance, security, and new cloud model
Moving 80%25 of workloads to public cloud in next two years
Rewrote entire application portfolio in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.