Data platform modernization

Innovate new capabilities

Data is now the currency of business. Are you enabling your organization with the power data offers? Are you leveraging models like visualization, AI, deep learning, and high-performance computing? Is your infrastructure ready for spiraling data growth? How you use, store, and protect data — arguably your most valuable asset — are major differentiators. Strategies, vision, and the ability to execute separate those who lag from those who outperform.

A complex, hybrid world

Data resides throughout organizations — in every piece and division — in the data center, the cloud, and linked applications and platforms. Its attributes, interdependencies, and sheer volume can be overwhelming. Companies are asking questions like “how big and how fast” in how they capitalize on the possibilities.

To succeed, organizations must have the optimal architectures in place to address data protection and storage performance. One critical piece is avoiding data siloes that hinder data use and transformation. Budget, security, and competing priorities must be taken into account. An important way to do this is to deploy technologies such as flash, cloud, etc.

We help clients enhance efficiency, security, and operational ease, while delivering agility and performance. We believe the optimal data center is hybrid, and data is a key driver. Modernization and flexible architectures are key to supporting innovation, readying your organization to harness the power that data can deliver, employ new ways to protect and nurture data, and leverage untapped business potential currently lying dormant in your data ecosystem.

AI and ML opportunities

Data-powered companies elevate the role of data and analytics, allowing them to create valuable and actionable insights that can be acted upon to generate business outcomes. By establishing a more modern data architecture, organizations can begin to reinvent what’s possible using AI and ML. When driven by business need, AI/ML can:

  • Uncover new opportunities with analytics and data science
  • Enable better decision-making using data and intelligence
  • Reduce manual labor and errors by automating repeatable tasks

We guide clients to consider the appropriate data architecture, tools, and platforms for applications. With this framework in place, it becomes possible to deploy changes faster, accelerate cloud projects, achieve global scale, and change the customer experience.

Integrating new technologies

New startups often have the luxury and ease of creating their IT systems and environment using the newest technologies. Meanwhile, established organizations need to be more deliberate. Legacy systems impact data, storage, and the ability to seamlessly integrate new and emerging technologies in order to create a modern data center. It’s not possible, nor practical, to rip and replace entire legacy tech systems. Solution design therefore requires addressing a number of questions — best done with experts on our team.

Question mark

What is currently working? And what isn’t?
In many cases, legacy systems hold specialized processes and databases that simply require enhancements. Other times, overhaul is needed. We help you evaluate and orchestrate appropriate changes. 

Stopwatch with gears for flash storage

What workloads could benefit from moving to cloud or data acceleration layers?
We can help you map, assess, and align your workloads to the optimal platforms. For most organizations, the appropriate data center is hybrid.

Data storage container

What is your data capacity, and is it sufficient?
Work with us to better understand your data and its attributes, or to select, procure, and implement new storage solutions.


Are your current IT investments being maximized?
By performing cost and benefit analysis, we can evaluate whether shifting IT resources — including technologies and personnel — might make sense.

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Are you realizing the benefits you expected from newer technologies?
Sometimes, challenges with integration can make overhaul look deceivingly attractive. We can help you fine-tune and optimize existing infrastructure.


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