X as a Service (XaaS)

More flexibility, less risk

Whether internal or external, the pressure to control data storage costs and risk is real. Yet, businesses also need to respond and make changes when faced with new demands. As a Service approaches have gained popularity as a modern answer to such challenges. 

The introduction of public cloud brought with it a model for scalability that relies on pay-as-you-go pricing. Fewer upfront costs and pricing that is more aligned with usage inherently gives a business more agility — a key attribute in today’s competitive marketplace.
With hybrid cloud strategies becoming more and more the norm, though, the seemingly dichotomous financial implications of public cloud versus on-premises data storage can be difficult to navigate.

Additionally, decision-makers are grappling with:

  • Managing risk while ensuring storage resources are ample
  • Reducing CapEx and aligning consumption with financial outlays
  • Meeting the need to scale rapidly in a dynamic business climate
  • Simplifying capacity planning and flexing to public cloud

As a Service models have emerged as a significant opportunity for businesses to take advantage of consumption-based pricing for on-premises infrastructure. Leverage the latest technologies from leading OEMs and an expert operational and support services team, with As a Service offerings delivered by Insight.

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Storage as a Service (STaaS) Is Your Skeleton Key

This infographic shows you the benefits you can unlock by using flexible consumption models.

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Why As a Service?

A consumption model like public cloud
A consumption model like public cloud

Procure limitless storage on demand with complete cost transparency and pay-as-you-go pricing.

  • Upfront pricing
  • Pay for what you use
  • Scale up or down
A financial tool
A financial tool

Conserve cash and improve your balance sheet position with a smarter consumption model.

  • No CapEx purchase
  • No asset on the books
  • Flexible OpEx terms avoid FASB lease rules
A bridge to cloud strategy
A bridge to cloud strategy

Drive transformation and gain agility with platform flexibility and bursting capabilities, for storage anywhere.

  • Ensures ability to scale to public cloud, without overutilization risk
  • Rebalance capacity across hybrid cloud as cloud strategy evolves
A way to reduce risk from cloud and business uncertainty
A way to reduce risk from cloud and business uncertainty

Get the infrastructure you need when you need it without overspending or overcommitting.

  • Lowers financial risk
  • Simplifies capacity planning
  • Offers more flexibility



More than a provider

There are many sources from which you can procure infrastructure. In choosing a path forward, you need to consider more than just the technologies, service package, costs, and terms — who are you working with?

With Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT), you gain a true partner who works with you and for you. Our As a Service offerings are built on our Managed Services, its world-class proprietary tool set, and unrivaled expertise. Today, clients across six continents rely on our team to monitor, support, and protect their most critical technology assets.

We help your business:

  • Continually optimize consumption per business needs and strategy
  • Increase governance and reduce risk
  • Offload routine support tasks while maintaining total visibility
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Insight-delivered Cisco Plus

Cisco Plus is the industry’s first purpose-built hybrid cloud solution delivered seamlessly as a service. Delivered through partnership with Insight as a service provider, Cisco Plus enables businesses to easily and cost-effectively scale as needed and run workloads where they make the most sense.

cisco plus

With Insight for delivery, Cisco Plus solutions integrate comprehensively with existing IT ecosystems and vendors, create operational and cost efficiencies for your entire IT landscape, and support ongoing modernization.

Read the following resources to learn more about the benefits of As a Service solutions from Cisco Plus:

Featured case study: Taking tens of thousands of remote users to the cloud

An iconic apparel and goods manufacturer needed to take sudden action when the company shifted to a work-from-home model. Its existing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) showed signs of strain so it needed a new solution. See how we helped it set up a scalable, flexible, pay-as-you-go cloud solution in just a few days.

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Supporting your data management strategy

In the purest sense, As a Service is a financial model — a different way of consuming on-premises resources. It is an option alongside CapEx, traditional OpEx (i.e., a lease that must appear on the balance sheet), and cloud consumption.

With cloud costs skyrocketing and on-premises solutions lacking flexibility, As a Service provides an alternative that can help businesses control costs and manage risk, playing a key role in today’s transformation initiatives.

Learn more about our offerings and why business and IT leaders across the globe are using As a Service to their benefit.

Partnering with Storage as a Service leaders

Insight delivers comprehensive Storage as a Service (STaaS) solutions in conjunction with the industry’s leading storage experts to provide you with the complete scope of consumption-based data infrastructure all in one place.
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Finding agility with on-premises As a Service models

As a decision-maker, you have options. Is an on-premises As a Service model right for you? In this ebook, we explore the features of As a Service, how it compares to other options, and what it could offer your business as you continue to pursue agility via the most cost-effective IT investments.

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