Understand the cloud journey and deploy cloud infrastructures

Maximize the benefits of your IT investments

IT organizations are being forced to rapidly transform from technology providers to service providers, delivering faster changes and a better customer experience. The private cloud, designed to maximize the advantaged of in-house skills and assets, requires IT to take on new technologies, tools, and management processes, as well as add new roles.
As a leader in the cloud space, as validated by our Cisco Master Cloud Builder Specialization, Cloud + Data Center Transformation helps organizations of all types deploy cloud infrastructures. We understand firsthand the challenges and complexities of the cloud journey, and accelerate and simplify your organization’s cloud transformation while mitigating risk. In the process, we help empower IT as a cloud services broker.

Our Cloud Service Management (CSM) practice focuses on three areas:

  • Business alignment – Work with your IT team and business units to create a blueprint for IT to become a service provider to the organization, transforming to IT as a service.    
  • Services enablement – Deliver automation and orchestration services enablement capabilities that help you navigate through your journey to the cloud
  • Operational efficiency – Conduct assessments that result in recommendations for improvement programs, transformations, and even where to host the IT infrastructure

Improve the effectiveness of your IT operations

We have helped many enterprises define service catalogs, revise and refine processes, and redesign IT environments. From aligning deployment and configuring to business needs to defining processes and policies for use, maintenance, and operations, CSM services improve the efficiency of your IT operations to maximize the benefits from your technology investments. 

Our specific cloud management offerings include:

Dedicated resources to manage your cloud

Our managed cloud service provides enterprises with agility and efficiency. With options that include periodic system health checks, hosting, managed disaster recovery, and more, we tailor a managed cloud solution to your exact specifications. The benefits of cloud service management are expansive. Improve your customer experience through higher services levels, cost-effectively scale and grow your IT operations, and deliver 24x7 global operations at a lower cost. And by doing so, you’ll also be able to retain key individuals and have them focus on higher-end business activities.

Our managed cloud services include:

  • 24x7 cloud infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Managed VMware public, hybrid, or private data centers
  • Virtual machine replication management
  • Dedicated or shared infrastructures
  • Performance, capacity, and configuration management
  • 24x7 incident and problem management
  • One central contact for all service requests
  • Unified dashboards
  • Service-level agreement reports for availability and performance
  • Monitoring portal access and automated reports

Managed Cloud Services

With Managed Cloud, you no longer have to budget the time, effort, and hardware procurement expense to build your own solution. Instead,  you can accelerate your move to a cloud platform, allowing for improved service levels and faster revenue growth.

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IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.