Understand the cloud journey and deploy cloud infrastructures

Maximize the benefits of your IT investments

IT organizations are being forced to rapidly transform from technology providers to service providers, delivering faster changes and a better customer experience. The cloud requires IT to take on new approaches, tools, and management processes, as well as add new roles.

As a leader in the cloud space, Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) helps organizations of all types deploy, manage, secure, and optimize cloud infrastructures.

We understand firsthand the challenges and complexities of the cloud, and how to accelerate and simplify your organization’s cloud transformation while mitigating risk. In the process, we help empower IT as a cloud services broker.

7 Best Practices for Public Cloud Cost Optimization

Most businesses face higher-than-expected public cloud costs. This whitepaper explores top challenges behind cloud spend overrun and the strategies you need for cost optimization.

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Our cloud service management practice focuses on three areas:

  • Business alignment — Work with your IT team and business units to create a blueprint for IT to become a service provider to the organization, transforming to IT as a service    
  • Services enablement — Deliver automation and orchestration services enablement capabilities that help you navigate the cloud and related decisions
  • Operational efficiency — Conduct assessments and provide expert services that help your business optimize cloud costs and workload consumption, as well as establish effective cloud governance

Improve the effectiveness of your IT operations

We have helped many enterprises define service catalogs, revise and refine processes, and redesign IT environments. From aligning deployment and configuring to business needs to defining processes and policies for use, maintenance, and operations, our cloud management services improve the efficiency of your IT operations to maximize the benefits from your technology investments. 
Ensure security
Ensure security across your cloud(s) and on-premises infrastructure

Governance and processes
Implement appropriate governance and processes
control cloud costs
Analyze and control cloud costs to align with business needs
Estimate and plan for future cloud cost and consumption
Estimate and plan for future cloud cost and consumption
Right-size workloads and adjust utilization to reduce waste
Right-size workloads and adjust utilization to reduce waste

Resources for Azure

Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program
The CSP program is a simplified purchasing experience that allows you to take advantage of the latest Microsoft technology, with partner-provided support and consolidated monthly billing. Take advantage of price protection and real-time flexibility to adjust subscriptions and quantity on demand to optimize cloud spend. You can also take advantage of monthly or annual billing options.

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Insight Cloud Care for Azure
Attaining intended benefits in Microsoft Azure requires targeted efforts in order to avoid overspending and overutilization. Leverage our Managed Services and self-service Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to control costs and govern workload consumption. Monitor and manage your Azure environment in real time. We provide 24/7 technical support and comprehensive management of incidents, requests, and changes. Opt for additional advisory services and regular strategic reviews to ensure you make the most of your cloud environment.

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Additional services

Managed Cloud
Get a complete cloud solution built on best-of-breed solid-state converged infrastructure that capitalizes on all the benefits of the public cloud, while eliminating the need for complex contracts and leases. We provide IaaS, monitoring, Insight OneCall™ Support Services, security checks, and threat prevention. The service is inclusive of a Migration Workshop and 25 VM moves. View the data sheet.

Cloud Optimization Services for AWS
Whether you are planning a migration to AWS or already have deployed instances, we can help you reduce total cost of ownership, improve cloud security, and increase overall confidence in managing your AWS environment. We provide a single-pane-of-glass platform to secure, manage, and govern your AWS environment, and regular cadence calls with our cloud experts. View the data sheet.

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