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Real-world data protection expertise

Data makes up our world. It’s exponentially growing. And keeping your data properly stored, available, secure, and recoverable is crucial to your organization, while also facing significant capacity challenges, compliance requirements, and the continuous demand to do more with less. 

Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation's (CDCT) data management solutions provide a consultative, best practice-based approach to solving business needs and mitigating risk. We have a long, successful history of architecting data management strategies that focus on access, protection, and governance. Benefit from our more than 25 years of data protection experience and real-world expertise with Hitachi Vantara, NetApp, Pure, and Veritas. Our tools-assisted analysis and engineering-led solutions have delivered measurable results to our clients:

  • Reduced operating costs and expenditures
  • Adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Consolidation of multiple backup environments
  • Increased emphasis on achieving recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives
  • Effective management of spiraling data growth
  • Reliable backup strategies

Discover how much inactive or stale data is costing you

Unstructured data includes assets that are collected, processed, and stored during regular business activities, but generally over time become outdated. The rapid growth of unstructured data requires organizations to improve data governance, protection, and availability to meet key business objectives. This inactive, unstructured data or dark data can significantly harm organizations in terms of cost and risk.

So, how can you find out how much inactive data may be affecting your organization? Start by taking a deeper look at your environment to gain visibility, manage costs, maximize storage assets, and expose risk. Our data management services can help. We provide a comprehensive discovery and assessment, as well as product and service recommendations to help you make the most of your IT environment.

Our inactive data assessment includes:

  • Data usage charts
  • Data aging charts
  • Duplicate data metrics
  • Business ROI
  • Product and service recommendations

Additional data management consulting services include:

  • Data governance advisory
  • Cloud integration for archival data
  • Data center transformation for migration 

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Protect your multiplatform data. Start with a comprehensive assessment of your data protection and backup capabilities. Walk away with customized recommendations and next steps.

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