The backbone of transformation

Modern and agile infrastructure is essential for adapting to ongoing change and empowering innovation and new business strategies. We can help you bring together modern platforms, operations, and applications to deliver on the hope, plans, and promise of digital transformation.

Change, grow, succeed.

Technology-driven transformation is on a steep growth trajectory. The events of recent years have compelled thousands of organizations to adopt digital-first strategies at breakneck speeds.

As the pace of change has accelerated, so have the needs and challenges related to quickly embracing new technology.

Top objectives:

  • Improving employee productivity
  • Enabling business agility and resiliency
  • Creating better customer experiences

Top challenges:

  • Too many competing priorities
  • Lack of sufficient budget
  • Complexity of IT infrastructure1

Organizations need a fundamentally different approach to building and managing technology in order to address the ever-changing business landscape — and they need expertise, guidance, and knowledge to be successful.

Insight helps organizations modernize to drive business value, with proven technology architectures and flexible cloud and data solutions. The result is leveraging technology investments to create an engine of growth.

Modern Metamorphosis: The Imperative to Transform With Purpose

While in the throes of change, it can be difficult to see a clear path forward. This ebook expands on the focus areas and strategies that support purposeful transformation.

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Building blocks

Modern infrastructure comprises numerous elements, all helping to enable growth and innovation.

An unparalleled partner

Insight is an experienced and trusted partner, helping organizations modernize infrastructure — evaluating the IT environment, and architecting and deploying workloads across the right platforms (cloud, data center, edge) — based on what the business needs to succeed in digital operations.

As a solution integrator, we go far beyond strategy, bringing decades of experience in consulting, roadmap development, technology sourcing, engineering, and managed and support services.

more than 30 years of data center experience and IT services delivery
Our engineers, architects, and consultants hold more than 3,500 technical certifications
In-house expertise in Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS
Managed services clients on 6 continents
5 resilient US remote support centers
~35,000 critical enterprise infrastructure components monitored
>1EB of data and >1M workloads migrated since 2015
~1.5B cost savings IDed for clients

1 IDG. (2021). IDG Digital Business Study.

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