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A turning point in networking

The pace of change today means more — more traffic, more users, more devices, and more complexity. Increases in traffic can make it difficult to know what and who is on your network. A growing number of users have access to your critical data through the network. The multitude of device types poses challenges in managing policy and segmentation. By strategically integrating networking and security technologies, we help you reduce complexity and bolster security as part of IT transformation.

A focused strategy

Gone is the idea that fixed-perimeter designs are the answer for secure networking. The perimeter today is more flexible and permeable. Indeed, businesses must allow for vastly more parties to move in and throughout the network to perform even routine business operations. Redefining access and authentication while avoiding complexity is a challenge. Lateral movement and backdoor activity require fresh battle tactics.

While business attributes and objectives should drive network optimization efforts, it’s also important to align with modern priorities:

  • Better visibility — Know what is happening on your network at all times.
  • Better contextual information — Get more granular details about network activity.
  • Increased control — Have the tools and infrastructure you need to defend your network against complex, persistent, and surfacing threats.
  • Simpler management — Leverage technologies and centralized management to reduce manual labor and requirements and improve network integration.
  •  More automation — Streamline processes like policy creation, governance, and threat containment. 

Network Security: An Essential Element of Digital Transformation

Learn how to drive digital transformation that accounts for network security and the critical areas of compliance, cloud readiness, and IT modernization.

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Our premise

There is no one, right answer for your business when it comes to networking and security solution design — but the truth is, there’s probably a best option.

We are here to provide informed guidance on how to optimize and secure your network in a way that does not impede business function or accessibility, but rather helps you to reduce complexity and transform for the future.

Often the conversation begins with questions such as:

  • Is your organization safe and secure?
    • Businesses are facing more regulatory compliance than ever before. Adherence issues increase risks and negatively impact growth opportunities.
  • Are aging solutions keeping up with growing organizational loads and expectations of reliability?
    • Refresh is a key priority for businesses looking to optimize performance, agility, and competitive stance.
  • Is your network ready for the cloud?
    • Annual global cloud IP traffic is growing exponentially. Businesses need to be prepared with the right network infrastructure.
We combine innovative services with strategic partner solutions to create a full suite of integrated network and security solutions. After thoroughly assessing your challenges and goals, we apply the expertise of our engineering community to achieve your vision.

Intelligent security

Tackle challenges and provide consistent, positive experiences for your network users. With our help, you can approach security comprehensively, accounting for your business needs and technological capability.
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Testing & assessment
Ensure the integrity of your network and remediate gaps.
Cloud security padlock
Cloud security
Stay secure as you increase agility with cloud platforms, integrations, and resources.
Shield over people working
Governance, risk & compliance
Define models and programs to adhere to internal and external standards.
Security controls, padlock with controls
Security controls
Optimize controls for your unique network and threat environment.

Build an integrated network

Establish your secure and integrated network solution stack. We offer end-to-end services informed by years of industry experience and deep technical wisdom, and the realities of networking and security today.

Strategy clipboard Strategy
Assessment Assessment
Design Design
Implementation Implementation
Optimization stopwatch Optimization
Management Management
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It’s never been more important to integrate and transform your network. We’re here to help.