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When everything is connected

Smart devices have accelerated the development of a new model of technology intelligence: the Internet of Things (IoT). While this presents exciting opportunities, it also creates new challenges for organizations. We can help ensure your business is ready for IoT today and as it grows in prevalence.

Many organizations are considering IoT as part of their IT strategy. There are already billions of IoT connected devices, and projections only go up from here. It’s possible to enable almost anything with IoT capabilities. The question should be: What data do you need, and how can you apply it to optimize your business?
Once that’s determined, there are technology implications. Existing IoT devices, including industrial IoT devices that may have been in place for years, are already generating zettabytes worth of data. How will you manage the increased traffic? How will you address the new security vulnerabilities that IoT introduces? Will you take advantage of edge computing, cloud, or automation?
Requirements and success criteria are changing as IT and OT (Operational Technology) continue to overlap. Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) is here to help navigate decisions around IoT and make important enhancements to your infrastructure.

From Edge to Center: Key IoT Considerations for Enterprises

Ready to leverage IoT for your organization? Start with this whitepaper. You’ll learn key considerations for making your IT infrastructure IoT-ready and get advice on devices, industry standards, management, and more.

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Across the spectrum

Our IoT offerings support you throughout the adoption lifecycle with a holistic, outcome-focused approach.
IoT planning and strategy
IoT planning and strategy
  • What devices are you implementing and why?
  • Wired/wireless
  • Data management and storage planning
  • Roadmap development

Baseline evaluation
Baseline evaluation
  • Network assessment
  • Network upgrades
  • Edge compute
IoT impact analysis
IoT impact analysis
  • Capacity planning
  • AI/ML use considerations
  • Security considerations
Security assessment
Security assessment
  • Identify workflows (device-device, device-user, device-data center)
  • East-west segmentation
  • Firewall policy
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
Wireless assessment
Wireless assessment
  • Evaluation and planning
  • Implementation
  • Sensor consideration
  • Optimization
Recurring health checks
Recurring health checks
  • Optimization and policy tuning
  • Endpoint classification
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Network lifecycle management
  • Managed Services


Making IoT work for you

When new technologies or approaches are developed, there is a period of time wherein it isn’t fully clear how the innovation will be used or what it will be used for. Perhaps you have yet to identify how IoT could deliver on your business objectives.
Organizations use IoT for a variety of initiatives:
  • Gleaning data or insights into customer behavior or preferences to inform new product development or improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts
  • Measuring usage or conditions remotely to optimize service or healthcare delivery, reduce the need for site visits, and control cost inputs
  • Automating activities to enhance the security, safety, and response mechanisms for automotive, healthcare, physical security, and other industries
  • Adding a layer of connectivity to improve integration, optimization, and management of factories, cities, natural resources, supply chain, and logistics
  • Transforming your business with an evolved modern edge that leverages IoT devices as part of a comprehensive approach to advanced service delivery
And this is just the beginning. What will IoT be used for in the future? We can explore possibilities together.

Insight’s Connected Platform

It is the responsibility of business owners and city managers to steward physical environments that promote the wellbeing of employees, customers, and citizens. Build smarter, safer spaces with Insight’s Connected Platform, a scalable IoT framework that helps you detect and prevent health risks.

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Results, realized

Through IoT services delivery, we’ve helped clients raise service levels, improve visibility, and develop more cost-effective operations.
Replaced an existing MSP in 6 data centers to better support new back-end infrastructure
Lowered costs by 25%25 and providing better service levels.
Utilized Managed Storage-as-a-Service for per TB pricing to meet short-term high storage demands
Increased services levels through a 24x7 Managed Services team that regularly monitors the environment

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How to Handle Dispersed Data: IoT-Specific Data Storage Considerations

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Intelligence and Innovation at the Edge: Effective Compute for IoT

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