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Early 2020 presented unforeseen challenges. The pandemic forced businesses and workers into scenarios we never anticipated, and its impacts on business activity remain. As organizations continue to shift resources, review investments, and evaluate new operational models, it’s clear: we’ve moved past the point where quick fixes and short-term solutions make sense.

It’s time for transformation. Decisions need to be weighed carefully, investments even more so. Having an IT environment that supports the direction and strategies of the business has never been more important.

Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) is here to help. We have the agility to meet you where your need is greatest. We understand the changing needs of your business and how to use IT as a critical instrument to enable outcomes. What does this look like for your business? Send us a note to request a conversation.

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Our commitment to you

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve continued to provide services in safe and effective ways that support the well-being of teammates and the vitality of your business.

  • We offer virtual services delivery in place of on-site services delivery. We do this by using our Managed Services tools and systems to establish highly secure and auditable remote access.
  • Support and Managed Services are provided 24/7 from six geographically dispersed centers. Virtualized tool sets and active/active queue load-balancing provides a highly resilient and scalable delivery model.
  • We want to listen to your concerns and support you through any changes you might need to make to enable a secure remote workforce, expand or resize cloud or data center resources, and much more.

Enhancing virtual workspaces

While many organizations had embraced virtualization to some degree prior to the pandemic, VDI adoption and improvements have increased substantially in recent months to meet the needs of a larger remote workforce.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all VDI architecture. When considering solutions, it is critical to take into account the requirements of each line of business and user group, as well as the organization as a whole.

We can help you implement, expand, or enhance your virtual workplace. Contact us to discuss what’s possible. You can also explore these resources:

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Envisioning Sessions and JumpStarts from Insight offer ways to quickly evaluate, pilot, and deploy solutions in your environment.
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A changed threatscape

The business world today isn’t what it once was. New security gaps have been created, and the stakes have changed. Security programs should be reevaluated and refined to keep businesses, data, and users safe.

Bolster your security environment, from infrastructure to endpoint, to increase your organizational resilience to current and emerging threats. We have an expert team with decades of experience that can help. Learn about our Security Services.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Get the latest insights and perspectives from subject matter experts in recent webcasts.

LinkedIn Live: Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Hand: Align to the NIST Framework

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Hand: Align to the NIST Framework

For organizations looking to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and remain protected and compliant, a critical step is to align with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. Aligning with NIST helps businesses understand current security risks, prioritize security activities that are most critical, and identify risk mitigation strategies. Watch this LinkedIn Live session with Insight’s Jason Rader and Brad Bowers to learn more.

Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. IT requires thinking strategically about legacy infrastructure and applications and embracing new ways of doing things. In this webcast, Insight and Dell Technologies experts discuss the importance of applying ModOps architecture to all your platforms to achieve scalable, secure, and cloud-enabled infrastructure.

LinkedIn Live: Optimizing Hybrid Cloud — The Role of As a Service

Optimizing Hybrid Cloud — The Role of As a Service

For organizations looking to improve agility, simplicity, and cloud costs without sacrificing the governance, performance, and control of on-premises solutions, As a Service models for cloud consumption may be the best way to pursue a hybrid cloud strategy. Tune in as experts Jason Rader, Chris Kapusta, and HPE’s Philip Woudenberg discuss the benefits of cloud consumption on-premises with HPE GreenLake for optimizing hybrid cloud.

Mitigate Risk Through Flexible Consumption Models

Mitigate Risk Through Flexible Consumption Models

The pressures on business to reduce risk while driving transformation have never been greater. Many look to the cloud to reduce capital spending and provide agility but achieving these outcomes can be difficult. Enter As a Service offerings — a new way to reduce risk and capital expenditures by paying only for what you need on-premises, when you need it.

LinkedIn Live: Protect Your Domain: How to Stay Strong Against DNS Vulnerabilities

Protect Your Domain: How to Stay Strong Against DNS Vulnerabilities

A new class of DNS vulnerabilities is impacting DNS providers and the valuable data tied to organizations’ domain names. In this video, Insight experts discuss how to strengthen DNS implementation and security in order to safeguard your enterprise against malicious actors and other newly discovered threats.

LinkedIn Live: Managed Security: A Solution to Address Security Challenges

Managed Security: A Solution to Address Security Challenges

Managed Security solutions are helping to address the top needs and challenges in enterprise network security, from building a brand-new security operations program from the ground up to moving a mature security operations program to a Managed Services model. Listen in as CDCT security experts discuss the evolution of security measures as information technology has grown from merely a part of business to the heart of business, and how Insight is poised to be your partner in navigating the path to a reliable security operations program.

Webcast: Win Against Ransomware

Win Against Ransomware

Ransomware is becoming more targeted and sophisticated. And as hackers evolve, so should your organization’s defense. Can you rely on your organization’s strategy to protect itself from evolving threats?

In this webcast you'll hear from Insight’s Justin Tindal as he shares insights on:

  • Ransomware trends today and projections for the future
  • Pinpointing your vulnerabilities and where they lie within your organization
  • Leveraging assessment tools to improve visibility and create a winning strategy

The Role of Managed Services in Modern IT Operations

The Role of Managed Services in Modern IT Operations

In an informal survey of CDCT audiences, 78% said improved IT staff productivity was the top benefit of managed services adoption, while cost control and increased security each came in at 11%. Find out the true value of managed services as well as the different types of managed offerings available today in this LinkedIn Live with host Jason Rader, Steven Walters, senior manager of offering development with Insight Managed Services, and Phil O’Konski, director of engineering services at Insight.

The Value of Choosing a Hybrid Data Center Model

The Value of Choosing a Hybrid Data Center Model

As infrastructure strategies integrate on-prem, colocation, cloud, and edge delivery, IT professionals are turning to hybrid data center models to meet data mobility needs. In this LinkedIn Live video, Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) experts discuss why a hybrid data center model might make sense for your enterprise and explore some of the benefits of data mobility and adopting an “in-between” data center.

LinkedIn Live: How to Optimize Your Azure Sentinel Investment

How to Optimize Your Azure Sentinel Investment

Azure Sentinel provides enterprises with industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities. In this LinkedIn Live, CDCT experts discuss tips for making sure enterprises fully realize the benefits of this cloud-native security solution.